Gamefowl breeding is a long and tedious one that requires full time attention. If you do not have the heart for it, DO NOT!. The good thing about breeding gamefowl as a company is that, at the local level today, there is a large and lucrative market for fighting Cocks. Many beginners get their initiation into cockfighting and breeding gamefowl usually through family or friends. When asked what they like most about farming, most farmers would say cock is the joy to get away with a win by their own design. Acquire as much information as you can about gamefowl breeding before buying a single rooster. Start by visiting some cockers and experienced in observing the methods of collection gamefowl. You can also learn a lot of reading materials readily available and videos on the subject. If you are a user of the Internet, a number of websites in many fights roosters can provide some information that you need and you can also meet cockers and friends from all parts of the world & could be more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

     Start within your budget and planning right. Plan your farm within the limits of your time and budget. As time passes, you can keep your numbers through selective breeding and hatching. And you must be prepared to slaughter all birds defective or inferior. Huge farm is not an obligation to raise gamefowls quality. Quality is more important than quantity. Prepare your garden and some accommodations ready for them. Start with the right parents. It is said that “the end justifies the means”, but although this may be true to some extent, livestock gamefowl the end result is a little longer than others that you can not just try all means for a shoot-year – arrow-in-the-dark end.

     Veteran cock breeders always say that raising gamefowl becomes very costly and inefficient when you start with broodstock cheap. Who is cheap in every sense of the term. The first rule is to ensure that what you are raising is the stuff or nearby. By choosing a proper broodstock must consider the following steps:

     a) Scout to earn strains of Breeders who have established names in the field or Breeders who are on a winning streak;

     b) Choose the bloodline you intend to produce;

     c) If possible, find the pedigree of your preferred line;

     d) Try to find the best source of broodstock that you need;

     e) When you’ve found the best source to try to get him the better he got, even if you have to pay more; One thing in common among those who have become successful in breeding gamefowl is that they have all made significant investments in their broodstock. My friend & Partner Mr. Ben Mondragon never leave any stone unturned when he buy chickens seed in the United States.  When He is offered a broodcock  price of $ 1,500, he would simply offer more, just the breeder will give him a better or  for a cock that is supposedly not for sale. But again having a good source of Broodstocks is just one of the factor of good breeding.

     Look not on a physical, but to a rooster with potential to produce winners.   There are those who had been in the livestock sector for years but never took off. Why? Because they started with broodstock evil or untested. They probably had chickens seed to negotiate at first but ended up spending more and lose their investment in the long term. And in the game fowl breeding or in any business, something that is started evil can never be granted.

Important things you should know

a Strain – A strain is a family of game birds that have the same physical characteristics and easily recognizable features that make them different from others and they must also have the ability to reproduce to be considered a strain. Basically, all races are gamefowl man made drawings that are first in wild birds Jungle Red South (the local labuyo perhaps). Through selective breeding, we now have the birds we see today. Creation of a strain is the result of the vision of one man. It is developed by selective breeding for many generations of one family.

b) rearing single – a cock bred with a single pool or rotary rooster with three or four hens that are housed individually.

c) selecting group – in raising a rooster with a group of hens. It is similar to herd livestock, except a small quantity of chickens are raised only cock NISO both. Specialize in breeds only one or two at most. The first thing to consider when you aim to be a breeder of fine quality gamefowl is to specialize in one or two breeds at most. This could be done through the online selection, inbreeding, out-of-way, semi-outcrossing and infusion. c for further reading click here BREEDING SYSTEM      

     Remember that, wherever possible, keep young people from one side of Breeding. Breed a tested broodfowl, which is at least two years at a young brood cock and vice versa. With this information, I think you can now start in Breeding gamefowl. Of course, remember to bring your birds the best nutrition and health care available. A comprehensive vaccination program is a must considering that the game birds are very sensitive to a wide range of pests and diseases of poultry flu. Finally, keep track of the parentage of each chick by keeping good records, giving each cock or brood hen  its own identification code and marking each of their chicks with the identity off the reproductive has occurred. This can be done with perforation of the toes and nose marking, and later with the wing and legbands. Through this you will be able to identify which pair of breeding to continue or stop.