Avenger farms 5 days Pointing process

     To all my friends and fellow Breeders & Handlers, lately, I received lot of emails and text messages asking me for some tips on how we point our stags for the derby.  Though there are lots of methods or techniques of doing this, and each  breeder or handler have their own way of pointing their stags, the following are what we practiced which so far gave us a positive results. Hopefully this method could guide you (especially the beginners) and may you find a way to improve it.

5 Days before the fight

A.       Delouse/Shampoo  ( dry them in the cord, but be sure when they are dry to put them in the 3x3 so they don’t get excess sun (especially afternoon sun).

B.       Add rice to their feeds and give less grains or concentrates. Maintain the quantity of your pellets( this will start your energy build up).

C.       You may opt to de worm them .  I suggest you choose a low stress deworming capsule (avoid Bunga because this will affect the appetite of your stags).

D.       If you haven’t given them anti Coccidiosis this is the best time( give them 2-3 days)

E.        Give a high dose Complete B Complex Tablet or INJ. (Neurobion Forte) don’t use Neurobion Plain because it only contains B1,B6 & B12.

F.        Add water soluble electrolytes to their water til fight day.

 4 Days before the fight-   

G.       Slightly increase the rice in their feeds and continue decreasing the grain  Concentrate. . Maintain the quantity of your pellets this will continue  your energy build up.

H.       Ratio we practice. 50% Pellets 20 % Rice 30 %  Grain Concentrate

I.          Continue giving anti Coccidiosis if you decided to give them.

J.         Give them a little bit of sunlight. Use a mat and the 3x3, for them not to be able to have access to grass and other bugs that may affect them. ( 3 days to go my friend better be safe than sorry.)

K.      Closely Monitor their weight. If you could weigh them four times a day till fight day, much better.

L.      Continue water soluble electrolytes to their water til fight day

M.     Increase their light exposure at night and have them listen to really loud music or better, DVD with Sabong film. ( be sure you don’t disturb you’re neighbors).

N.       Let them sleep in their Keeping pen to give them a nice Rest ( quite, comfortable and clean keeping pen)

 3 Days before the fight-

    O.       From the keeping pen in the morning Drop them in the 3x3 don’t give water or feeds. Check the droppings in the pen and in the 3x3. check the moisture, quantity, color and other signs. If you think he is not yet gut empty let him drop some more. Also consider the moisture.  Feel him, check his actions and if you think he is in his right condition Weight him. Be accurate because this is crucial.  Since this will be use as your reference for your FIGHTING WEIGHT.

P.        Again,  slightly increase the rice in their feeds and continue decreasing the grain  Concentrate. . Maintain the quantity of your pellets, this will continue  your energy build up.

Q.       Ratio we practice. 50% Pellets 25 % Rice 25 %  Grain Concentrate

R.       Give a high dose Complete B Complex Injectables  (Neurobion Forte) .20 ML to an average stag. You may opt to increase or Decrease a little bit if you feel its needed. This already contains high B12 so there’s no need to buy B12 Injection. Again  don’t use Neurobion Plain inj.because it only contains B1,B6 & B12. ( if you can’t find Neurobion forte text me I might be able to mail to you. But of course you have to pay for it.)

S.        You may give them a little sunlight. Then rotate them – Rest stalls after 3 hours 3x3 Music, Lighting hold them a bit. Massage their feet etc.  then rest stalls again til feeding time.

T.        Weigh them and compare the morning weight and make an assessment.

U.       Continue water soluble electrolytes to their water till fight

V.       At night light and limber them early and give  moisture by cording them. Just be sure to be alert, it might rain anytime.

2 Days before the fight-

   W.     Read Letter O.

X.       See to  it that he maintained his empty weight. Again,  this will be used as your reference for  your fighting weight. You might want to make necessary adjustments.

Y.        Again slightly increase the rice in their feeds and continue decreasing the grain  Concentrate. . Maintain the quantity of your pellets this will continue  your energy build up.

Z.        Ratio we practice. 50% Pellets 30 % Rice 20 %  Grain Concentrate

AA.  Lesser sun exposure this time,  Give  them the much needed rest and continue with the rotation,  drop them every 3 hours. Weigh them and record it for your reference.

BB.  At night let them sleep in their Sleeping stalls. Just give a few hours for them to get the moisture at night in the corded area

 1 Day before the fight- 

CC.  Final weight,  depending on the give and take, if you’re confident, you may opt to take advantage of it to the max.

DD. Fighting weight less Give and take = Submitted weight ( be sure to calibrate your weighing scale)

EE.   You may opt to lessen or control their fluid intakes to dry them up a little bit ( depends on the bloodlines you have).

FF.    Feed Ratio this time :  40% Pellets  40 % Rice 20 %  Grain Concentrate\

GG. Rotation whole day. Keeping pen, then let them drop every three hours then keep again. Just a few hours for moisture at night then keeping pen again. You may opt to give a booster dose of Neurobion Forte Inj. .10 ml

 Day of fight- 

  1. Go to the cockpit early. Preferably before sunrise.
  2. Weigh them
  3. Limber them in the cockpit let them drop (weigh them again) and feed them. ( be sure to have an idea when  their scheduled fights is, to know how much feed you can give. Feed Ratio this time .  30% Pellets  50 % Rice 20 %  Grain Concentrate You may add some other supplements ( honey,oats,banana,egg white) depends on what you want, just be sure to control the quantity.)
  4. after feeding, weigh them again to see how much his above  his fighting weight.
  5. Clean your cock house and put on the airconditioner, if there is one. Bring a thermometer and Hygrometer this will help a lot in controlling your cockhouse environment.
  6. Maintain you room temperature to 65-70 degrees and the Humidity to  55-65 %
  7. After Feeding and giving them sun a little bit keep them in the keeping stalls after weighing them.
  8. Maintaining the Temperature and humidity in the cockhouse is crucial here’are some advice;

a. If the room temperature goes beyond 70 % meaning it getting hotter & if it goes down to 60% its getting colder, make some adjustments to    your aircon, make it colder or warmer.

 b. If the humidity goes down 55 % then your place is drying up, spray some water in the wall or soak the curtains of the keeping pen with water to increase the moisture in your cockhouse. Wet the floor if needed to speed up the increase of the moisture. If it goes up beyond 65 % you may open the door to let some of the moisture out,  put your airconditioner into High mode so it sucks in the moisture in your cock house or you may want to dry  the floor if you had wet it earlier.

c. Let your stags drop every 3 hours and closely monitor their weight. You may feed them but should be controlled so when the fight comes he is gut empty. 

d. use your common sense. If you feel you need to do something for your stags to perform better, DO IT! Rely on your instinct and read a lot or ask your friends to give you an idea on how to improve your stags performance    GOOD LUCK!

P.S. You might want to add or make a comment regarding this article. email or leave me a message in my facebook account. avengerfarms@yahoo.com